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Intellectual Property Litigation

Leaders in patent litigation,  copyright, trademark, and trade secret


Intellectual Property Litigation

We are IP experts representing plaintiffs and defendants in all high-tech industries, including audio processing, smartphone, semiconductor, automotive, payments, computer hardware and software, LED displays and lights, and GPS location services among many others.

Fabricant LLP focuses on achieving clients’ goals and objectives by obtaining the best possible outcome whether by taking a case to trial or by resolving a dispute through licensing or settlement. Cases are always managed by attorneys with strong technical backgrounds and staffed with first-chair trial lawyers from the beginning of the matter. We have a deep team of patent practitioners in a variety of disciplines, which enables us to prepare the most complex technical cases for trial while at the same time running our cases cost-effectively.

  • Patents
  • Trademark
  • Copyright
  • Trade Secrets

Representative Experience

  • Lead counsel for Blitzsafe Texas, LLC in a three rounds of patent infringement litigation against virtually every automobile manufacturer in the world over vehicle infotainment systems employing USB or Bluetooth. Defeated 25 IPRs over a 3 year period.

  • Lead counsel for AGIS Software Development LLC in a series of patent infringement matters filed against all of the largest smartphone manufacturers, including Apple, Samsung, LG, Google, ZTE, Huawei and HTC over technology related to location-based communication services including, interactive mapping software applications like “Find My iPhone,” and “Find My Device.” Defeated 10 IPRs over a 2 year period.


  • Lead counsel for Ultravision Technologies in a number of patent infringement cases in the ITC and the district courts related to LED display panels and LED lighting. Defendants have included NEC, Samsung, Barco, Absen and Unilumin among many others. Defeated 3 IPRs over a 3 year period.


  • Lead counsel for SEMCON IC in a series of patent infringement cases over chipset power management technology against numerous defendants, including MediaTek, Texas Instruments, Amazon, Tivo, Huawei, ZTE, TCT Communications and Shenzen One.


  • Lead counsel for Vocalife in a patent infringement case against Amazon involving Amazon’s “Echo” and smart speaker devices.


  • Lead counsel foe Quest NetTech for patent infringement against Apple over the “Apple Pay” product.


  • Lead counsel for NXP Semiconductor in patent litigation against Marvell over NFC chip technology.


  • Lead counsel for CXT Technologies in a series of patent infringement cases against numerous defendants including, Container Store, Pier 1 Imports, JC Penny, Tailored Brands, Stage Stores and others over internet systems for expediting the consumer’s check out during online purchases.


  • Lead counsel for Arbitron Inc., in patent litigation against IPSOS and Media Audit over the defendants launch of a portable electronic ratings meter incorporating Arbitron’s patented audio encoding technology.


  • Lead counsel for Safe-Strap in patent litigation against competitors over child safety clips for shopping cart child seats.


  • Defended Puma against patent infringement claims by competitor Nike. Two Puma IPR Petitions instituted.


  • Defended Viavi Solutions in patent litigation filed by Exfo Inc. involving methods and systems for locating breaks in fiber optic cables.


  • Defended Translogic Corp and Swisslog against patent infringement claims by competitor McKesson Health over robotic systems for the delivery of pharmaceuticals in hospitals.

  • Defended iPerceptions Inc., against claims of patent infringement by competitor Qualtrics involving web site technology for consumer critiques and reviews of web pages.


  • Defended DataMars against claims of patent infringement by competitor Avid Technologies.


  • Representing Windy City Innovations against Facebook and Microsoft in matters before the Patent Trial and Appeals Board (PTAB) over patents covering chat room technology.


  • Representing Spex Technologies against Western Digital in matters before the Patent Trial and Appeals Board (PTAB) over patents covering hard disc technology.


  • Representing Netfuel against Cisco in matters before the Patent Trial and Appeals Board (PTAB).

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