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Strategic. Aggressive. Responsive.

Our client pledge for representation.


The Founding Partners of Fabricant LLP have chosen to leave Big Law to establish a law firm which services both the legal and economic needs of clients whose desire is to obtain the highest quality legal talent on terms that are fair, reasonable and affordable. No client with a valuable case or a meritorious defense should accept lesser representation due to financial restraints or considerations.  

Our Partners have over 80 years of combined experience litigating the toughest cases throughout the United States against the largest global technology companies including the biggest names in smartphones, semiconductors, automotive, LED lighting, internet, GPS services and medical devices, among many others.  We have also defended many name-brand companies across a variety of technologies.

Our associate team is diverse, a  group of highly trained and skilled litigators most with technology degrees and backgrounds. Whether we are on the plaintiff or defense side of matters, at Fabricant LLP we have typically abandoned traditional hourly monthly billing of clients. By doing so, as a case evolves, we are free to expend as much time and effort and dedicate as many resources as necessary to win the case without concern that our billings will blow through the client’s budget or that law firm management will lower the boom due to write-offs and write-downs of attorney time.


Toward that goal, our fee agreements are designed from the outset to address each client’s billing needs and concerns including such arrangements as capped fees, level billing and hybrid contingencies.  In addition, over the past decade, we have built solid working relationships with several dedicated litigation finance funds that offer our clients the availability of complete or partial funding of attorneys’ fees and disbursements on a non-recourse basis. We are pleased to introduce our clients to these funders.

It is our mission to provide the absolute best legal services in the most complex and challenging cases. We will devote whatever resources are necessary to bring about a successful resolution of the matter whether through trial or settlement. While success and winning every case is our goal nothing takes a back seat to being responsive, on a daily basis, to our clients.  

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Go the distance with our trial-ready team

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