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Fabricant LLP Partners Named to Patexia's Top 50 Most Active Patent Litigators of 2023

Fabricant LLP partners Vincent Rubino III (#10), Alfred Fabricant (#11), and Peter Lambrianakos (#12) have been named to Paxtexia's recently released Top 50 Most Active Patent Litigators of 2023, landing in positions, part of this year's Patent Litigation Intelligence Report covering patent litigation activity for a 5-year period from July 1, 2017, through June 30, 2022.

The 2023 Patexia Patent Litigation Report provides a comprehensive analysis of patent litigation attorneys, including full rankings for the top 1,000 most active.

"The chart below illustrates the annual activity of U.S. district courts in terms of active patent litigation families per year, with families with a single case and families with multiple cases separated. Note that for 2017 and 2022, only half-year activity is covered.

Patent litigation often spans multiple legal venues and crosses international borders, making it difficult to understand the overall strategies of all parties involved by examining a single case or relying solely on case volume. To address this, Patexia has introduced the concept of a "patent litigation family," which considers all cases that share one or more patents in common, including foreign patents, as part of the same family. " - Source: Patexia


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